Adolescent technology use: Profiles of distinct groups and associated risky behaviors.

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Dufour, M., Gendron, A., Brunelle, N., Cousineau, M.-M. et Leclerc, D. (2014). Adolescent technology use: Profiles of distinct groups and associated risky behaviors. Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy, S10(010), 1-7. 


Introduction : Adolescents make regular use of a wide range of technologies, such as console video games, mobile phones and a variety of Internet applications. Although this usage is not problematic for most individuals, some adolescents do use them excessively.

Objective : The main objective of this article is to explore the presence of clusters within a sample of adolescents based on dimensions associated with risky behaviors (substance use, gambling and delinquency) and problematic use of technologies (Internet and console video games).

Methods : The sample consists of 1,870 adolescents in the 14-18 year age group who were recruited in French-language high schools in Québec (Canada).

Results : The main results showed that one in ten adolescents was a high Internet user. A cluster analysis identified three groups of participants: non-problematic boys, non-problematic girls, and adolescents with multiple problems. The latter group included all of the high Internet users and some high video game users. These participants had the highest severity scores for substance use and delinquency and received higher scores for psychological distress, impulsivity and sensation seeking.

Conclusions : These results support the presence of a subgroup of adolescents with high levels of co-occurring risky behaviors and suggest that excessive use of technology may also be a characteristic of this group.


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