Fab labs: A place for innovation, collaboration, and creation?

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Tremblay, D.-G. et Scaillerez, A. (2021). Fab labs: A place for innovation, collaboration, and creation? Dans M. Khosrow-Pour (dir.), Encyclopedia of organizational knowledge, administration, and technology (p. 317-326). IGI Global.


In recent decades, innovation has become a central issue in the survival of public and private organizations. To meet this challenge, most of them are exploring new ways of organizing work, including seeking to build on the creativity of their employees. These explorations result in the invention of new forms of coordination and cooperation. At the same time, job tasks and employment relationships have become more complex and diversified over time and need to be redefined. Organizations are also looking for ways to increase the innovative spirit of their employees and to develop organizational innovation (autonomy, versatility, development of collective actions, teamwork for example). This context contributes to the creation of new forms of employment and activities. To ensure these restructurings and these new expectations, new ways of organizing work are unfolding, which has helped to make it possible to implement fabs labs. The paper goes over the concept and develops on issues and challenges of fab labs.



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Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay

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