Issues of attraction and retention of nurses: Job control, time and work-family issues.

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Tremblay, D.-G. (2021). Issues of attraction and retention of nurses: Job control, time and work-family issues. Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies, 9(4), 524-540.


Over the years there have been many challenges in attracting and retaining various workers, especially in the health sector, and for nurses in particular. Literature has often mentioned the increased difficulties in attracting and retaining young nurses in particular and this increases labour shortage due to the demographic evolution and also to retirement of many nurses. With the aging of population, we see an increase in demand for health services, which makes the labor shortage even more preoccupying. Two main issues have been put forward a few years ago in order to try to explain the difficulty in attracting and retaining nurses: work organization and Lean Management, in particular job control and work-family balance issues. We conducted a research in Canada (Québec) with an online questionnaire sent to a sample of nurses. The article presents the result in the form of descriptive statistics. In this article, we address these challenges and identify the elements on which the Health Department and hospitals could act in order to increase the number of nurses, and more specifically to attract and retain more. For this, two main issues are addressed in the literature that is firstly work-life issues, and second, work organization, including (lean) management and job control, which we discuss here. These results could also be useful for attraction and retention of other health personnel and also for managers facing labor shortages in other sectors.


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Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay

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