Moving towards an indigenous-centered approach to perinatal care in urban Québec.

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Blanchet-Cohen, N., Cloutier, E., Laroche, S., Lévesque, C. et Wawanolath, M. (2021). Moving towards an indigenous-centered approach to perinatal care in urban Québec. International Journal of Indigenous Health, 16(2), 54-70.


This article explores Abinodjic, an initiative of the Native Friendship Centre in Val-d’Or, Quebec, Canada, which aims to move toward Indigenous-centred perinatal care for Indigenous mothers and families. Drawing on the findings of a three-year collaborative developmental evaluation, this article describes the emergence and relevance of a model of perinatal care in which Mino Pimatisi8in (a wholistic view of well-being) is the overarching goal, and where parental experiences, healthy lifestyles, support networks, and cultural knowledges are four interdependent areas of intervention that support children’s well-being, in the context of culturally safe services and approaches. We discuss three key elements significant to the initiative: (a) valuing Indigenous ways of being, (b) centring relationships and supporting the social networks, and (c) being advocates, both directly for community members as well as for Indigenous Peoples generally within the health and social services system. Findings demonstrate the importance of situating perinatal care within a continuum of Indigenous-led social and health services, and providing specific outreach, support, and guidance that are relational, strengths-based, and empowering for Indigenous families.


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Natasha Blanchet-Cohen
Edith Cloutier
Carole Lévesque

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