Settler-colonial urbanisms: convergences, divergences, limits, contestations.

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McClintock, N. et Guimont Marceau, S. (2022). Settler-colonial urbanisms: convergences, divergences, limits, contestations. Urban Geography, 1-5.


The past few years have seen a groundswell of geographic scholarship on settler colonialism and its manifold articulations with the urban, from the historical development of cities to ongoing logics and practices of colonization and resistance alike. Given this growing attention to “settler-colonial urbanism” – as well as concerns that a focus thereupon risks obscuring Indigenous theories and practices – the goal of this Debates & Interventions forum is to reflect on settler-colonial urbanism’s limits and possibilities as an analytical lens for understanding processes of dispossession and for re-imagining cities as Indigenous spaces. The eight interventions address: 1) conceptualizations of settler-colonial urbanism; 2) how the diverse processes and mechanisms of settler-urbanization unfold in a variety of geographic contexts; and 3) how such processes are (or can be) challenged and unsettled.


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Stéphane Guimont Marceau

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