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Bertrand, K., Richer, I., Brunelle, N., Beaudoin, I., Lemieux, A. et Ménard, J.-M. (2013). Substance abuse treatment for adolescents: how are family factors related to substance use change?. Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 45(1), 28-38. 


Parental involvement in adolescents’ substance abuse treatment is highly recommended, even though the mechanisms explaining how this favors youths’ recovery are not well understood. The present study examines the association between (1) changes in adolescents’ substance use and parenting practices, as measured by adolescent self-disclosure and parental warmth; (2) changes in mothers’ mental health and their parenting practices, and (3) parental use of services offered by substance abuse treatment centres, parenting practices and adolescent substance use. In total, 147 adolescents and 69 mothers participated in this study. Participants were assessed upon adolescent admission into treatment, as well as at three- and six-month follow-up. Results show an association between improved maternal mental health and greater parental warmth, as perceived by adolescents. In addition, greater parental use of treatment services was found to be associated with greater adolescent self-disclosure and greater reduction of adolescent substance use. Finally, greater adolescent self-disclosure and parental warmth were both associated with lower adolescent substance use. These findings underscore the need to facilitate parents’ access to and involvement in treatment of adolescents. The parent-adolescent relationship and the mental health of parents are essential aspects to consider for interventions.


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Karine Bertrand
Natacha Brunelle

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